Mamee Dydo Introduce Cool Tea

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  • Wednesday, 02 December 2015 00:00
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No more doing own Herbal Drink


The Well known Malaysian Snacks company,MAMEE Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd (MAMEE0 today announced its joint venture with Dydo DRINCO INC (Dydo),one of the Japan's leading non-achoholic beverage manufacturer to transform the beverage business landscape.

The collaboration between MAMEE and Dydo today marks another milestone for the beverage business of MAMEE.Both the companies share similar aim of being in the forefront of the food and beverage manufacturing industry.Both companies are also committed towards delivering quality products consistently at an affordable rate.

MAMEE Dydo Cool Tea is a herbal drink to help keep your body naturally cool from the hot weather and spicy food.As we know our weather now is hot and unpredictable.Although the weather is usually hot,Malaysian food is mostly hot,spicy,fried or barbecued.

This is why MAMEE Dydo through this collaboration,spearheaded the production of MAMEE Dydo Cool Tea by combining 8 natural herbal extract derived from Mesona Chinesis,Liquorice Root,Lotus Leaf,Honeysuckle Flower,Chrysanthemum Flower,Mulberry Leaf,Selfheal and Grosvenor Momordica that are Traditionally known to help release body heat.

Herbal tea has been known for their remarkable benifits due to the natural ingredients since ancient days.Many commonly use herbs in drink and food to speed up circulation  and drive heat out of the body.Herbs also help release heat from body by warming the body so that the pores open up and the body cools down throught perpiration.Another great benefit of herbal teas is that they help the body hydrated.When the body is heaty,it loses water more rapidly and it's very important to replace this water loss in the correct way.With MAMEE Dydo Cool Tea,consumes no longer have to worry about making own herbal tea through the complex processes of boiling for hours,sweetening and filtering.

Dydo has RM5 billion in revenue a year and operates 280,000 vending machines throughout Japan,last year.Meanwhile,Dydo MAMEE Distribution Chief Executive Officer,Tak Takeshi Suma said the company choose Malaysia to be a hub for its Muslim Market due its status as a Muslim Country.

The beverage has also obtaines halal certification from department of Islamic Development Malaysia.

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